Jo runs our accounts department.  All the book-keeping, data input  and analysis is down to her – plus the very necessary constant harassment of other members of staff who may have temporarily mislaid that petrol  receipt .

However Jo’s main role is as the entertainment, keeping morale up in the most testing circumstances with constant anecdotes, some so long and intriguing that sometimes it can be difficult to answer the phone for fear of missing the punch line.

Jo is a qualified and practising picture restorer – as she claims herself, she has almost got the hang of it now.  She studied Fine Art and Medieval History at St Andrews, and has an almost limitless capacity and energy for creation and restoration.

She now spends part of her time as PA to the whisky writer and raconteur Charles Maclean.


LikesUniversity Challenge
Anything Italian
DislikesQuiet time
Good atTalking a lot
Staying up very late
Speaking Italian (classic Florentine - incomp.)
QualificationsMA Hons Fine Art & Medieval History
UIA Cert Florence
HSE Cert (Northumberland)
Ancient Greek